Welcome New Member Ryan Eckert

We are happy to introduce the newest member to AEFPA, Ryan Eckert

Here is what Ryan has to say about joining AEFPA…

I joined the American Exercise and Fitness Professional Association (AEFPA) because the vision of this program is on par with what I hope to see happen within the profession of exercise and fitness, which is an increase in credentialing standards and a greater sense of legitimacy. As a graduate student and a certified personal trainer myself, I have been exposed to the kinds of situations that warrant me to believe that this field needs a greater sense of credibility and a higher set of standards from which it operates. The AEFPA is an organization that sees the benefits of this for both the profession and the individuals that it reaches. The process of bringing credibility to the exercise and fitness professions starts with a goal and a vision, and the AEFPA has that goal and that vision.



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