How Organizing Will Advance Our Profession

Organizing as a profession is the first step toward advancing our profession. The Exercise and Fitness Profession is a noble profession, worthy of respect, prestige and adequate compensation.

The work we do, the ways in which we positively impact the lives of the people we work with make this true. The only difference between our profession and Doctors (American Medical Association), Nurses (American Nurses Association), Physical Therapists and Dentists, (American Physical Therapy Association and American Dental Association) ┬áis that they have organized and we haven’t.

All of those other professionals have more prestige, respect in the community and are better compensated than we are because of one thing. They have organized and established standards for their own profession and we haven’t. The time has come for us to organize and determine for ourselves what the future of our profession will be. There is strength in numbers. The solution is clear.

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