Advancing Our Profession, Together.

Welcome to The American Exercise and Fitness Professional Association.

The primary goal of AEFPA is to advance the professional status of Exercise and Fitness Professionals. To do this our first step is to establish a solid membership base. We believe that now is the time for those of us currently working in the fitness industry to establish, for ourselves, a singular educational standard for entry into the field and to clearly define our scope of practice.

We also plan to work together to advocate for improved career opportunities with our employment partners. Launch a public relations campaign to promote the art and science of exercise and fitness to the general public to emphasize the importance of working with Exercise and Fitness Professionals. Work with state and federal legislatures, when appropriate, to enhance the status of our profession. AEFPA intends to be the leading voice in representing Exercise and Fitness Professionals, as we work together to transform the future of the fitness industry.

Who Should Join AEFPA?

  • The young professional with a full career ahead of him, who is willing to be a part of an organization working to ensure a long and successful career.
  • The experienced trainer interested in playing an active role in improving the second half of her career.
  • The veteran trainer who is interested in leaving this industry in a better place than he inherited it for the next generation.
  • In short, every Exercise and Fitness Professional will benefit by joining AEFPA.

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Read our Strategic Plan and learn how we intend to accomplish our goals.