Who should join AEFPA?

AEFPA membership will benefit every Exercise and Fitness Professional who joins, therefore everyone should join. The criteria to become a member is simple. If you currently have adequate credentials to be employed as an Exercise and Fitness Professional, you are eligible to join. After you join we will ask you to send us proof of your education/certification(s) and or employment. Its that simple.

AEFPA’s Position on Grandfathering of credentials.

The official position of AEFPA is that all Exercise and Fitness Professionals who are currently employed will remain so after the establishment of an educational standard occurs. In other words, everyone will be Grandfathered, no one will lose their job or be unable to continue working as an Exercise and Fitness Professional. A possible exception to this would be if an individual allows his/her credentials (certifications) to lapse or leaves the profession for a pre-determined period of time.

AEFPA intends to create an encouraging culture to support those Exercise and Fitness Professionals who may not meet the new standard, to work toward the obtainment of the newly established standard. That will, however, be completely voluntary.

Your Membership Options

AEFPA is free to join. Our goal is to provide valuable member benefits. Because of that AEFPA won’t always be free. Join today and be a part of Advancing our Profession, Together.

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