About Us

The American Exercise and Fitness Professional Association Inc. is a non-profit corporation located in the state of Arizona. AEFPA is a 510(c)(6) which is the IRS designation for trade organizations. Those are the boring details now for what we’re about…

AEFPA Mission & Guiding Principles

Mission: To establish educational standards for entry into the Exercise and Fitness Professions. Advocate on behalf of Exercise and Fitness Professionals to improve the status, working environments and compensation for those who choose careers in the exercise and fitness fields. Promote the art and science of exercise and fitness for the betterment of public health.

Our guiding principles set the aspirations that we endeavor to achieve:

  • AEFPA is one enterprise, highly capable, well coordinated and focused on the advancement of the Exercise and Fitness professions.
  • AEFPA believes that there is a national imperative to chart a successful course for Exercise and Fitness program delivery that will improve the health of the nation.
  • AEFPA embraces the need for change and believes leadership from within the Exercise and Fitness Profession is critical to the successful evolution of exercise and fitness programming this is client focused.
  • AEFPA will work to; establish ethical standards for Exercise and Fitness professionals, establish standards for exercise and fitness education, and advance exercise science, and to serve as the premier voice for the core values of the Exercise and Fitness Professions.
  • AEFPA will continue to work to advance the professional standard of Exercise and Fitness Professional. With a primary focus on improved work environments, employment opportunities and financial compensation.
  • AEFPA will work to create a solid base of Exercise and Fitness Professional members, and develop a thriving advocacy influence
  • Together, we can shape a better, healthier future – not just for our clients and ourselves, but for the country as a whole.